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An amalgamation of the Japanese words morumotto (guinea pig) and robotto (robot).

Dangerous, radioactive, exploding asteroids are descending upon earth.

Only Morubotto can save us!

Morubotto is a variation of missile command where instead of controlling crosshairs you control a robotic guinea pig and have to bounce around the level and try to collide with as many asteroids as possible to minimize the amount of damage that the asteroids do to the world.

Written for the Reset64 Craptastic 4K game competition , the game is 4090 bytes in size.

The game is written for PAL C64s but should work fine on NTSC machine as well.

You can download the game, play it on your real C64 or on an emulator such as vice

or play it online at: https://lvllvl.com/c64/?gid=8b74bb962338d255a7be572bb8043add 

Game play hint:
I've seen a couple of videos of MORUBOTTO now.
Most seem to be avoiding the asteroids.
The point is that your mighty robot guinea pig can crush asteroids in a single blow, thereby thwarting the onslaught on the planet.

Also that's how you score points in the game.


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morubotto.prg 3 kB


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Nice game!


Nice video!

Impressive stuff going on here. Amazing for 4kb, with music too!

Thanks! Awesome praise from a fellow craptastic game developer :-)